Brulee Mama Promo

This short film was created for my client Ligia Richter as a method of entry into a contest she entered. Sponsored by the Wells Fargo bank, this was a challenge for young entrepreneurs and business owners to showcase their talents and define their needs. We open with customers commenting on Ligia’s mouth-watering pastries. Then, in an interview, she enlightens []

Rival of Deception

In the Spring 2015  Intro to Video Production course, students in one of my two lab sections opted to produce an original short screenplay drafted by their fellow classmate, John Skelton. John’s story was arguably on the melodramatic side, but his ace in the hole to maintain believability was to provide the director and crew with solid performances vis-a-vis two student actors he []

Working at “The Shore”

Several years ago I had the opportunity to work on an independent feature film shot mostly in Wildwood, New Jersey. The film, entitled “The Shore” was completed in 2005, and eventually made the rounds and into several film festivals, including Toronto and Berlin. Sadly however, the film was never picked up by a distributor even though the reviews []

Crane Water Lock n’ Load Spray Valve System

This promotional video, shot in the Spring of 2014, introduces a new device for use in industrial boilers. The Lock N’ Load spray valve is part of a newly patented system featuring a streamlined method of inspecting and replacing boiler components. When I met with clients, Russ and Don, of Crane Environmental (Crane Water), I was impressed with both the long []

NSA Confidential

This student production, an “A Meets B” narrative assignment, was created in the Intro to Video Production course I taught in the Spring of 2013. It follows the plight of a young government agency intern who makes an innocent mistake, but her attempt to correct the matter puts her deeper into distress.

A light-hearted student video entitled Unbelievable

This short video was created as part of the narrative film assignment in the Intro to Video Production course I taught in the Spring of 2014. It is a comical look at how fate takes some interesting turns.

Shaders, A Student Video, Fall 2014 Semester

This narrative short was completed by students enrolled in the Intro to Video Production course, Fall 2014. It tells the story of a young female comic book illustrator who seems to struggle for inspiration to render one of her characters.

Student Video: The Blind Date

This video was created in 2011 as part of the Intro to Video Production course at the Community College of Philadelphia. My students are required to create an original concept, write the screenplay, cast, shoot, then edit this production.