From a very early age, I immersed myself in photography and film-making by following the passion that my father and older brother instilled in me via their pursuits. I consider myself enormously fortunate that I have been able to make a successful career out of something I so loved to do.

After completing my bachelor's in Cinema Studies at the University of Bridgeport, CT, I was hired as a commercial photographer in a large-format catalog studio that serviced major retail clients. The company has long since closed its doors, however at one time, MediaGraphics had stables of photographers and bustling art departments in Texas, Florida and Massachusetts.  Gino, was considered the head photographer at the Marlborough, Mass. studio where I was based. He was highly respected, but had the reputation of being a bit of a gruff. As I walked past his set one day, I couldn't understand why he looked back at me through a hand cupped over his eye. When I finally mustered the courage to ask him, he explained that he was mimicking me, having observed this behavior when walking past my set. (evidently this was a technique I had adopted in order to pre-visualize my shots). Gino eventually became a great mentor, and to remember him and his kindness, I decided to incorporate this gesture as my logo.

I later moved on to manage two portrait studios in New England, eventually moving to the mid-Atlantic region where I began also to work in academia. Since the 90's, I have taught courses in Photography and Video Production at three different colleges: Lincoln University, Thomas Jefferson University, and the Community College of Philadelphia, where I am presently employed full time. In 2007 I completed my graduate studies at Philadelphia University, earning an M.S. degree in Instructional Technology.

My experience with students throughout these years has generally been a rewarding one. It's a veritable thrill when you help someone uncover their raw talents, or simply to foster an appreciation for the history, artistry and science behind the media they are exploring. I'm always inspired when I see their diligent efforts evolve into stellar work. It keeps me on my toes too, as I am compelled to try and stay ahead of not only the various technological curves, but creative ones as well, by striving to be a better shooter. And yes, if one day you happen to spot me out there with my tripod and camera, peering out at the scene before me, you will likely see my hand cupped over my eye.