Crane Water Lock n’ Load Spray Valve System

This promotional video, shot in the Spring of 2014, introduces a new device for use in industrial boilers. The Lock N' Load spray valve is part of a newly patented system featuring a streamlined method of inspecting and replacing boiler components. When I met with clients, Russ and Don, of Crane Environmental (Crane Water), I was impressed with both the long history of their company, and how excited they were about their product.

At our first meeting I was shown photographs of  actual installations.  I was informed that due to logistical reasons, filming in these actual environments would be impossible at this point. Instead, I would have to use facsimile components in a constructed scenario.  After considering how best to do this based on the script they provided me, I created a set of storyboards that were ultimately approved.

Production occurred over a two-day period. My colleague, Michael Joniec, and a former student, Andre Kolyada, served as my crew. Michael handled all of the still photography that the client additionally requested, a couple of which we incorporated into the video.

There were two scenes that depicted maintenance workers performing tasks. One was shot in a studio situation using green-screen techniques, however, the other involved the more challenging task of converting a Crane corporate office to look like the inside of a boiler. The clients marveled at how we were able to pull this off, being very pleased with the final result.


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